Hester Creative

My name is Clayton Hester. And I build things.

Brand and new media strategist

The Swiss army knife firm for to get your business on the cutting edge.
Innovating with every project.

Let's make your mark.

Incisive, tailored writing

Ghost-writing. Copywriting. Content writing. We're tailors of the English language. Whatever you need written, we've got you.

Next generation design

It's time to rethink the little things. Let's get your brand going with everything from business cards to flyers.

Digital architecture

"Digital real estate" is a term meaning all the assets your customers are going to see. Your website. Your socials. Your blog. Your store. Your podcast. Let's 10x the quality so we can 10x your customers.

Stylistic portraits & headshots

Coming soon
Email for more details👉

Maybe you're looking for a great picture for your website? Maybe you want a uniform, artistic style for the headshots on your website? Maybe - possibly - you're just looking for something cool, just for you. Aletheia has you covered, with advanced photo editing techniques combined with AI and traditional photography.